Team McCullough Destined For Greatness II

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. WE (With Everyone) at Fallen Not Forgotten have lost way too many fellow service members and ask that you all take a moment over the next few weeks and reach out to anyone/everyone that you know who has served our country…then continue calling them every week from there until we stomp out this illness plaguing our veterans. What WE have learned over recent history is that those who show no signs are hurting the most and are the ones more likely to make a fatal decision. Be the difference in someone’s life! On 20 October 2010, United States Army Reserves Specialist Christopher W. McCullough lost his battle with PTSD after proudly serving his country in Iraq 2007-2008. This past spring, Mrs. McCullough reached out to Fallen Not Forgotten (FNF) to see if there was anything we could do to assist with some educational challenges Team McCullough was having. FNF believes that there is always something WE can do and quickly put together a game plan to help our newest FNF family members out. The GREAT NEWS is that Destiny has done an outstanding job this summer. In hopes for continued success Team McCullough is looking to continue on with this outstanding opportunity!

WE can continue to make a difference in the lives of this family that has already sacrificed so much for our country. Previously, Fallen Not Forgotten has promised to continue to do more – with your help WE will do just that.

Fallen Not Forgotten needs your financial assistance to help Destiny continue her success as WE continue to support them with a professional after school learning opportunity to reinforce the strong academic skills she had developed over the past six months! Destiny has been doing her part and WE need your contributions to continue her road to greatness!

What do you get for your contributions? You get to “pay it forward” as you assist our Fallen Not Forgotten Superstar as she gains a sense of accomplishment and builds a strong academic foundation that will help her in the classroom and beyond.

As our past contributors are well aware – Fallen Not Forgotten does not receive any compensation for doing this. ALL funds raised on this site will go to assist Team McCullough: Destined for Greatness! Funds are paid directly to the educational institution that is working with Fallen Not Forgotten and Team McCullough to make these educational dreams a reality. The current GOAL reflects the amount of financial assistance needed to pay the educational institution for its assistance.

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